Glencairn House Clinic

Clinic of traditional and complementary medicine

South Street
T: 01935 817442

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We specialise in rehabilitation and recovery from Injury, operation, or just daily life. From very young to very old we have Practitioners who can look after you with advice and treatment.

The waiting room is often full with babies, young sporty or exhausted teenagers, and their parents and grandparents.

Our dedicated and experienced staff take pride in giving a high standard of health care. Qualified, caring and approachable.

Our Clinic offers a huge range of treatments. From a pulled muscle to rehabilitation after illness,allergy,psychological stress or accidents,we have it all here.

Recovery from injury can seem a long and slow process, but we are here to help, and guide you on the journey to recovery.

Proud to sponsor the amazing Wessex Wizards Triathalon Team.