Vineyards of Sherborne

2 Tilton Court
Digby Road
T: 01935 815544

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Vineyards is nestled in the heart of Sherborne opposite our beautiful, historic Abbey. We are proud of our 'indie roots' and like to consider ourselves as being a little different to high street stockists.

Firstly, every wine on our shelves has been tasted by us which means that we can be really passionate about the products we sell. This also means that recommendations are carefully thought through.

Secondly, we 'blind taste' our wines so that the price tag does not create a bias whilst sampling. We believe that this process enables us to focus on the quality of the grape variety in our glass before deciding how much we would expect to pay for it.

Finally, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers and winemakers that allow us to know the full background on each wine from vineyard to your glass. You can expect to know exactly what you are drinking and have confidence in the quality we provide. We stock everything from Château Talbot to local wines such as Sherborne Castle.

We like talking about wine and hearing what our customers think. We are active on our social media pages and like to have a little fun with our customers via competitions. Since 2016, we have been expanding what we offer in terms of tastings and now offer private tastings in-store in addition to weekend sampling sessions.

The world of wine has changed a lot over the last 20 years and I am fortunate to be working in an industry that keeps evolving.

We believe we offer a truly personal experience that only an independent can. Our shop is a relaxed and informal place in which to browse and there's always someone on hand if you need a bit of expert, friendly advice.

Our seasonal special offers and promotions compete well against the larger wine retailers, so why not pop in sometime to see what we have on offer?