Thrive Health & Wellness

296 Yeovil Road
T: 07708926000


I'm a Kinesiologist Cert. ASK who runs Thrive Health and Wellness in Sherborne, Dorset. I offer kinesiology, nutritional support and supplement testing

What is kinesiology?

It was developed by a chiropractor who wanted to get to the bottom of health problems. It uses gentle muscle testing to receive feedback on the body. Each muscle relates to an organ which relates to a meridian allowing us to understand what is happening at a deeper level. An example of this is someone coming with IBS and we check the stomach, small & large intestine performance along with stomach acid levels, work out if there are any food triggers or nutritional support needed (e.g. probiotics) and also if there is an emotional link. Always happy to provide a little demo if you'd like to understand further.