Liberty Fields

Exploring the taste of apples

T: 01935 892430


Based just outside Sherborne, Liberty Fields makes a range of unique products using the apples grown in the orchards they planted.

We are proud to supply other members of Sherborne Indies with our Apple Syrup, Apple Balsamic Vinegar, Dessert Cider and Porter's Perfection Vodka. You can purchase these at The Pear Tree Deli and Vineyards Wine, and you'll often find us running tastings in these lovely shops - or just hanging out in them! As long-term residents of Sherborne, we're delighted to be a part of keeping our local shops and community vibrant.

We are also working very closely with Vineyards, helping them make their fabulous Gin using Sadie's secret recipe.

We often hold open days at our orchards - check our website or social media for full details as there's nothing we like more than sharing what we do.